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Could They Be Soul Mates

She was dating this very nice guy
One day she discovered a surprise
This guy had a missing fingerprint
The reason for this she could devise
For a long time she had known
That a strange finger print she had
On the palm of her right hand
Now for once she was glad.

When he told her his print was gone
She told him she knew where it was
Strange as this fact to you may seem
She now revealed the hidden clause
This could be the reason that he knew
What she was thinking before she spoke
Could it be that soul mates are marked
Could this be fate and not just a joke?

She took this to be an omen sign
The fingerprint on the palm of her hand
Matched the other fingerprints he had
She married him, wore his wedding band
Could they be real soul mates
They have long time been wed
Over 51 years now in 2008
What more can be said?

Norma Duncan AKA Mistymaiden
(true story about me)

Picture This challenge
Soul Mates

Midi: Does Anyone Really Know'

By Mistymaiden

© 2008 Mistymaiden (All rights reserved)


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