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While you are not
with me for this
moment in time
my days are a
little empty without
seeing your words
on my screen, but
my mind thinks back
to all the wonderful
times we have
spoken before, and
I still think of you
constantly against
my will, while going
through my day no
matter what I may do
It isn't that I do not
wish to think of you
It is just too painful
at this time to do
In the absence of
you, I feel alone,
and yet I know this
is so not true, as
you are with me
at all times, you
are beside me with
every step I take,
and every decision I
may make
You know each
thought I have within
my mind, even if you
are away from me right
now, your love to me
truly you did vow even
if only it can be in part,
and those cherished
words I cling to forever
within my trembling

By LoveAngelique

© 2008 LoveAngelique (All rights reserved)


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This Poem is part of a Challenge: Broken Love - In the Absence of You (challenge has been closed)

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