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'The Hawk' - has arrived !
Written for: Catch the Soaring Star Challenge
Hosted by: Tiny Teddy
Phrase: You are the star for which all evenings wait

Now Philip wasn't big, and had no need to be
he'd served his country well, at home and overseas
Not wishing to expand, upon his first career
he didn't say too much, he kept his secrets dear

Following a career, in black and green and brown
his second job continued, service with 'the Crown'
A suit he had now dark, and yet another hat
went from Army to Police, then hired himself a flat

He hankered after something, and wasn't sure just what
though temporarily happy, with everything he'd got
I'll get on every course, and do the best I can
then top brass will see, I'm a special man

One night he took a drive, to a hillside all alone
changing his career, almost had him thrown
He parked up on the top, and looked down at the town
first time in some months, his face then wore a frown

He gazed up from the lights, of the town below
right there up in the sky, a very special glow
You are the star, for which all evenings wait.
I've just made my mind up, before it got too late

I have to go on active, and feel I'm putting back
I think there is a gap, and I'll take up the slack
My mind is now made up, seeing those town lights
In spare time as 'The Hawk', I'll equalise folk's rights

By Tomfoollery

© 2017 Tomfoollery (All rights reserved)


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