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Procreation Destination

Blind warm existence, tones muffled distance
a voice remains clinical inside, prochoice when cynics decide
womb the portal newborn mortal, departed arrival selfish survival
so we begin breath in who lives, they who end this no choice gives
take leave your mothers womb, God’s messengers know of whom.

Augmented write of long, long ago. I noted within the write that I felt it necessary to pen the words in a left/right brain posed thought! It was upon reading instructions for the Super Tanka that I realized this was what I had intended to do all along, I had not the tools by which to do so. Notably, I am not sure that the few rhymes within make it be default 'just another free verse poem'

This is a new form, as far as I know, which I am christening a 'SuperTanka' (pun intended). The key to this new form is that it is two tanka
side-by-side. Each can be read independently, or the work can be read as a whole.'
Creator: Poet Board Flak of The Maelstrom Poetry Board

By April Lynne Logue

© 2008 April Lynne Logue (All rights reserved)

The poem above was written for the Form Over Substance Challenge
where we're reviewing groups of poetic forms with similar qualities.









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