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Il mio cuore è per voi

Softly Romantic table lamp lit with peach blossoms
Lilacs, and roses strewn about the porch
Awaiting his arrival home, willows stir in the mist
Soft sage burns with rosemary in the teapots, each soft
I am alone, I await his enchanted kiss

Il mio cuore è per voi

Softly butterflies seem to mingle my lost thoughts
I lay back in sunshine till the etched lavender rain pours
Twinkling fairies appeared in the wing pons' my lamp
Asking when I will return home, in celtic moors

Il mio cuore è per voi


Nothing is more beautiful than mother earths petals gown
But as a mortal I shall be leaving ,if he doesn't return by dawn
My lovers paradise in each mortals dress
I will surly miss, all his beauty sweet kiss

Il mio cuore è per voi

He found me what maybe a year ago spring
I was alone in the wishing well, I believe
He smiled I needed that in my life , quite well
I am now his fairy wife, lived short

Il mio cuore è per voi

But a price I had to pay for such deed
The lore spoke only one year no more in mortal ground
So tonight I see his eyes coming to mine , never I will be found
I shall be gone by morning , my fairys wings surround

Il mio cuore è per voi

I shall never love another mortal such as he
My heart is broken in pieces mended by the tree
I will a token a small tear to keep inside
My darling feel the magic in each twilight

by deborah shepard008 alove so rare is found only in true loves kiss

my dedication to my sweet love

By fairystar50

© 2008 fairystar50 (All rights reserved)


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