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Nobody knows where the magic
Of love really comes from
What it is, when it happens and why it does,
But it surely makes your life,
This life, worth living for.
Some people even say about this magic love
That it worth dying for.

This cosmic encounter between a man and a woman
Under the sign of magic is rare and uplifting,
Sometimes it happens only once in a life time,
Does not ask if this is the right time
Or the right place for it to sweep your heart away.
It simply comes one day, any day,
All you can do is to take it or leave it.
And I pity the one who has to let it go...
Who has to live with this regret
Until the end of time.

It happened out of the blue to them
It happen between a man and a woman
Their eyes met and instantly
Something in the Universe stirred
And released upon their heads a rain of magic.
Rays of lights were shining down on their bodies,
Touched by an unknown chemistry to man,
Suddenly awakening them to a new life.
An unknown state of happiness
Enveloped the man and the woman.
They could only subdue to this living miracle.

They both realized they’ve been waiting
For a confirmation that magic can happen
So just when they were not hoping any more
It came like a summer storm and wrapped them in
A cloudlike thick and silky ribbon
Which instantly tied itself in a chariot
To raise them above people and things.

They assisted helplessly to this transformation
There was no way any of them could dare to say no
To this symphony of Light, Emotion, Feelings,
Attraction, Magic, Passion, Desire and most of all
Urge to unite into one single being.

Their chest knew the force of the magnet
And staying apart became unattainable,
While their bodies were whispering
The heavenly language of love.

For a moment, their mind, scared,
Tried to regain control,
But was reduced to silence at once
By this powerful music of the Universe.

They looked again into each other’s eyes,
And happily ceased to this passion
In a long-awaited wild, long kiss
In this desire to devour and let yourself devoured,
A desire to explore and let yourself explored,
Ending up in a sweet, shared surrender to this magic force.
Ecstasy is the only Earthly world that can capture
A bit of this totally overwhelming beatitude.

It felt like they were born especially
For this very moment to happen,
As if there’s finally enough light in themselves
To read their mission in life: to love each other.
Life on Earth had no magic in it
Until they were touched by this
Incomparable state of bliss, of grace.
You never know what the Universe
Can prepare for you one day,
All you can do is to keep your hope alive.

There are many breathtaking moments in life
But magic can really happen
Only between a man
And a woman.

May 8, 2008

By adria

© 2008 adria (All rights reserved)


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