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the urge

i call to thee, my lover 'cross the sea
i speak with thee, e'en when my eyes are closed
i dream of thee, as 'bout my days i go in thought
i touch thee not, for what lays between
i curse the bridges! ...that man has yet to build!


i swim to you, my lover, ...i will ...i must ...or
i float to you, by boat, if that's the only way
i smell the sea, i feel it swells and with sickness be
i hear you call, from the approaching coast
i taste you now, my thirsty lips meet yours darling
i feel your warmth, embrace it and do know
i return not, for in your arms, i wish to stay

cinquain & septet
written for FOS


By mick green

© 2008 mick green (All rights reserved)


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