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'My Heart Aches For You'
I think about you every single day.
I cannot express the pain,
that I feel in my heart,
since you went away.
I guess God said it was time,
for you to come home,
to his heavenly-place.
However, I know that for you,
he has made a heavenly space.

God always has a special plan,
for every single woman and man.
It's just so hard for us, down here,to understand,
and bare, at the time, and why.
You were taken home on Memorial day.
You were on your way, to decorate Family graves.
A semi-tractor trailer came,
and hit you head-on, on the highway.
on your way going there,to decorate the graves.

What an awful thing to happen,
especially on Memorial day.
You were my Grandpa,and to us kids',
you were just, the greatest.
You were on your way, to a place,
called La Plata, Missouri,
where a lot of our relatives lay in grace.
But on that dreadful night, that came,
I spent it with Grandma.

I remember, when the phone rang,
and she got that horrible call.
She asked me to talk,
cause she couldn't even hold the phone, at all.
They said that there was an accident,
and Family members, needed to be alerted.
So I thanked them, and told them I would,
as I broke down in tears, with my Grandma.
I was only fourteen years old, at the time.

What a long and awful night.
My Mom and Dad, came right over.
It was my Mothers' Dad,
and oh, how she cried.
Then came the next of kin,
all over to Grandmas', after hearing about him.
Grandpa had went home to Heaven,
but not in a way, that was the best.
A steel-pole had also, went through his head.

We will never forget this torrid day,
when Grandpa went away.
We have never been the same,
and probably never will be.
So for me, and my Family,
every year is the same.
We say a prayer, as we place some flowers and wreathes,
on the graves, of those, so dearly loved.
Grandpa, you are so dearly missed, and loved...

Just wanted you to know,
cause I never got to tell you so......

By Shirley shaw

© 2008 Shirley shaw (All rights reserved)


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