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Goodnight Grandpa

each night before she goes to sleep
she says her little prayer
and it brakes my heart so much that I
can't stop the falling tears

dear God I know he's busy
but could you call grandpa near
there's something I want to tell him
and it's ok Lord you can hear

hi grandpa .... I miss you so

you were always here for me
on rainy days and bright
whenever there was something wrong
you somehow made it right

you taught how to say my prayers
you taught me wrong from right
you'd always kiss and tuck me in
and watched over me each night

now Mommy says you're up in Heaven
and that I should be real happy
Grandpa I know you're up Heaven
but I want you here with me

I miss you Grandpa day and night
with all my heart I do
but Mommy said God needed help
that's why he called on you

I know that you're really busy Grandpa
helping God do His Great will
I just wanted you to know Grandpa
you're the bestest Grandpa still

so when your work is finished
ask The Lord if He will then
send you back to me ... I love you
goodnight Grandpa ... Aman

By TrueBlu

© 2008 TrueBlu (All rights reserved)


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