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On Cleanliness
I wash my hands in a dirty sink.
Try to scrape the dirt from under my fingernails-
It's just good clean dirt.
Scrub the toilet after I use it,
But it don't make a difference.
The souls of my feet are stained
A greenish sort of brown,
Especially dark in the cracks of my heels.
My jeans are in a pile on the floor,
Grass stains and mud spots still visible.
Off comes the sweat shirt covered in dog hair,
Then the sweaty, smelly shirt underneath.
Turn the knob, and the water roars through the pipes.
Step in with a splash, and close the curtain.
Let the steaming water hit on my head,
Then fall on down.
Let it wash it all away.
Watch the water beneath my feet
Turn from clear to tan to brown.
Watch it swirl around and around the drain,
Until the swirls of brown eventually disappear.
Now clean, I step out into the filthy world again.

By sunshinesoul

© 2008 sunshinesoul (All rights reserved)


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