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Time Taught Naught Teacher
Spenserian Sonnet
(I hope!)

A wicked sheath of thee ye make thy skin
For tongue it draws a blade of dulling thought
Forsake thy mind always it true yet spin
Thy teacher falsely failed of thee she taught
Tis wrapped inside thy mind forgets it naught
She hath no guilt for thee she brings nay shame
The script of which thy quill simply aft plot
Thy burden mounts teacher is naught to blame
‘Tho tried she might, tis still thy beast to tame
For more than meets the eyes of blinded fools
Ye laugh for now a mockery thy name
Thy Teacher soon enough be taught new rules
Ye Nostradamus bending time unheard
Four hundred years, dyslectic blasts absurd

By April Lynne Logue

© 2008 April Lynne Logue (All rights reserved)

The poem above was written for the Form Over Substance Challenge
where we're reviewing Bronze Dragon's and Rain-spirit's Top Ten
poetry forms with their #7 choice:

No. 7



Spenserian Sonnet

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