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Back in nineteen sixty three
We flew across the sea.
It took twelve hours to fly
from Hawaii to Okinawa.

We pitched our pup tents
for a six weeks stay.
To us, it was unknown territory;
But that was okay.

Our officers had been there before.
We knew we had to stay six weeks,
And not too much more.

We saw several thing going on
that we did`t see back home.
We saw women walking by wagons
loaded with hay,
While men rode on top
and thought it was okay.

I saw a woman hoeing in the garden
with a baby on her back..
American women say, ''We beg your pardon.''

But that`s not the worst of it;
Women and children eating from garbage cans,
Taking some home to feed their man.
Men picked up sea rations we threw away.

We saw men and women working
waist deep in rice patties.
It was a most unknown territory to us.

While we were driving in our convoy,
Cars past us on the right side;
There was no right lane.

The most exciting part of our drive
Was little school children waving
with their little hands, as if to say,
''Take us with you, we want to go!''
One of our sergeants said,
''I would take one home with me,
If I could get my wife to understand.''

We Americans don`t know what life is
until we travel to a third world country
and stay awhile.

[All Star - territory unknown ]

By poetalthomas

© 2008 poetalthomas (All rights reserved)


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