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Did I dare walk on that side
Where Love found me once more
And dream that dream where we are one
Collecting memories of us loving always
Did I not give you my Heart to keep
In that special corner of your Soul
Walking down the lane we call life
Promises kept and broken, Why?
Truly my Heart has not changed
But is in search of yours, are you lost?
Once true love is given to you
Always keep it in that special haven
Where no storm will ever reach and destroy
Yes, I gave you my Heart and Soul
Because God showed me where to look
And I so trusted him, for he is real
Now I stand at this crossroad of life
Where should i wander, where shall I go?
Whom can I trust, surely not myself
For I have given you my all and everything
'Yes My Heart and Soul'
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By love_u_rose

© 2008 love_u_rose (All rights reserved)


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