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As I Heard You Whisper My Name
It was homelessness and poverty
brought on by my pride in a power
that I did not possess, only dreamed
as I tried to survive hour by hour.

Said goodbye to my God for him.
Let my morals all drift away.
Let things into my life, for him,
from the Lord’s mercy did I stray.

Lord, you became a memory
distant, fading from my mind.
Thought I could do it all alone,
oh, Lord, how could I be so blind?

I left the shelter of the cross
for a mortal man, without care.
Made my mistakes one by one,
sure, you, Lord, were not there.

In desperation I sank into mire,
hit the bottom resoundingly.
Wandered like a lost little sheep,
lips parched and with no plea.

Death, a constant companion
as I faded faster and faster away.
One day in desperation, Savior
I felt compelled to kneel and pray.

As I heard you whisper my name
I wept for the fool I had been,
wept for losing grace in Your eyes
as I sank deeply into hate and sin,

As I heard you whisper my name
I felt my heart being washed free,
felt joy in knowing You forgave me,
took me back in, upward you pulled me.

As I heard you whisper my name
joy filled me to overflowing. . .
I arose from prayer a changed sinner
who felt the seeds of faith re-growing.

By Sisterwolf

© 2008 Sisterwolf (All rights reserved)


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