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letter to the universe

Wrote a letter
to the universe
Asking for such things
As compassion,insight,wisdom
and the joy
that true love brings

Wrote a letter
to the universe
and here's what I received
A whole new
frame of reference
A new way to perceive

My world
with all it's facets
like a
diamond in the rough
The ability to recognize
things I see but cannot touch

A clearer way of seeing
past the ego and the scars
people's differences
to accept them
as they are

Wrote a letter
to the universe
and awaited some reply
Some concrete
piece of wisdom
Some sign I could not deny

Wrote a letter
to the universe
Sent it off by
wings of dove
And when it was
returned to me

It was stamped with words of love...

By Cheryl Klassen

© 2008 Cheryl Klassen (All rights reserved)


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