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The Magical Forest

So young I was back then
captured by the awesomeness
of the life that surround me
seeking to find some solace
from the darkness of my life
which seemed like an eternity.

A child so fragile and confused
searching for a special place
to talk to God about some things
not knowing if He was even there
so I ventured into the forest
while listening to so many birds sing.

I found a path leading in
and ventured along so willingly
as the trees took my hand
and ever so gracefully led me
to a special clearing, a meadow
where I saw things I did not understand.

There was no fear within my heart
as I felt a calmness I never knew
and saw wonders I could only dream of
this magical place so inviting
that a small fawn alert and still
giving witness of The Masters love.

The young fawn came close to me
and to my surprise spoke some words
I was not startled but in awe
by the wonder and beauty before my eyes
as the fawn spoke, “Welcome child,”
and I relished the charm of it’s call.

“Where am I,” I politely asked
to see if this wasn’t just a dream
but the fawn spoke again with such ease
“God’s magical forest, of course,”
and then rabbits, squirrels, and a porcupine
scurried to this place so full of peace.

The forest trees began to dance
swaying back and forth in song
allowing the sunshine to peak in
giving warmth to this burdened human
touching my heart in the process
as I realized that I was seized by friends.

“Who would believe in such a sight?” I thought
if I were to tell of this secret place
this place where even the animals gave a hug
and filled me with so much needed joy
where the birds sang songs unknown to me
and all of God’s creatures embraced me with love.

There a table was spread with much delight
enticing foods and vintage wine
waiting for me to sample and taste
to fill the hunger I felt inside
and refreshed my heart and soul
none of which did I put to waste.

Time stood still as I felt the breezes there
so soothing and comforting I did not expect
not aware of any worldly distractions
but bathing in this magical paradise
that wished that I could take back with me
so that others could see this love in action.

The hour was late and I had to leave
but kept this secret buried within me
as it so touched my soul and heart
as I stayed the path which I had followed
I folded my hands in solemn prayer to Him
who made this venture so sweet and real
that from it’s sweet nectar, I did not want to part!

© Steve A. Politte

By StevePolitte

© 2008 StevePolitte (All rights reserved)


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