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Souls Awakening


breathing life into a lifeless heart

sharing one moment of magic
one heart bringing joy to another
as a second in time has stopped
souls entering into a mystical realm
giving birth to love from within

twilight swallowed the dimming daylight
a new sense of longing to wallow
with your beauty for the first time
to drink the sweetness of love flowing
consequence is immaterial to hear
and listen the beatings of your heart

imagine our thoughts blending
into one perfectly beautiful dream
passion has awakened
surrendering to love
we as one receive this magic
bright as a morning star

willing to fall prey of your beauty
watch your ladylike moves
with fascinating anticipation
not losing my verile conciousness
touching your delicate skin with my lips
sending vibrations deep deep to your spine

souls awakening, i watched you quiver
from the graces of feeling my passion delivers
i savor the silkiness of your affection
as i rested my head on your bosom
melancholy hummed a lullaby of a song...

Floreann and Rey ( Xrifles)
Pili Olua E, Moku Ka Pawa O Ke Ao

By Floreann Cawley

© 2008 Floreann Cawley (All rights reserved)


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