Our family got in our car to go to the zoo.
A neighbor`s boy wanted to go too.
But his parents wouldn`t let him go.
''You are grounded, remember fighting Joe?''
The boy said, ''Out of seven, only one day is due.''

Reflections in his mind, he knew the reason;
He said, ''Dad, This is treason!''
''You`ve watched too many war movies,'' dad replied.
''Now don`t say another word, go inside!
You need to learn a lesson in time and season!''

There was a vivacious crowed arriving at the zoo.
We spent most of the day walking through.
After the zoo, We went to the museum.
There was a dinosaur skeleton in the realm.
A scientist said, ''This dinosaur skeleton is new.''

On the way home, we stopped at an ice cream store.
All the children said, ''Let`s do this some more!''
I said, ''How about Six Flags next week?''
They were so excited they could hardly speak.
This day was tiresome, but not a bore.

By poetalthomas

© 2008 poetalthomas (All rights reserved)


Arrive – Dinosaur –Family – Museum– Neighbor – Reflection –
Treason - Scientist –Vivacious - Zoo

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