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Castle Of Dreams

Let’s go to a land of make believe...
To a castle filled with sweet dreams.
Dreams of a love like I have for you,
Knowing you feel the same way too.
A love everlasting till death do us part,
A profound understanding straight from the heart.
A lifetime of commitment that is not just make believe,
A State of heart and mind eternal the blessing we receive.

Lasting from beginning to the end...
Not just a lover but also a friend.
A place where there is no pain from an unkind hand,
Or words that cut just like a knife from the hand of any man.
A place that is filled with nothing but love,
No hunger, no worry, no pain in the castle of dreams,
Just blessings from above, nothing to lose and so much to gain.
A fantasy land that was created for you and me
With delightful delicacies to eat as far as eye can see,

Everywhere you look, there is food, fruit trees grow all around,
Their branches laden with fruits so sweet,
Every conceivable delicacy that one would want to eat.

There's no sickness, no infirmity of any kind,
Or do people ever grow old, not in body, spirit or mind,
So, come go with me to the castle of dreams,
And please know I love you enough to make it come true,
It's not all as make believe as it seems,
Because I want to spend eternity with you.
This much I love you, sincerely I do...
And I Can't help but surrender my happiness to you.

I am dedicating this write to Sue (oklahomarose)
As it is a collab between the two of us.

Written For FTD Challenge Phrase:
Can't help but surrender my happiness to you.

By angelinmypocket

© 2008 angelinmypocket (All rights reserved)


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