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Theo Got a Belly-Ache
Theo, the dinosaur
arrived at our family home.
The scientist, our neighbor,
perspicaciously reflected.
He reasoned it was treason
to let a thesaurus roam.

Most vivacious was his argument
that we consulted with a zoo.
But the zoo was firmly adamant,
one thesaurus was no good,
the pre-requisite was two.
What to do? What to do?

We needed not to fret.
We needed not to worry.
Uncle Fred did not know
that you can't feed thesaurus curry.
Theo got a belly-ache,
Theo up and died.
We all sat 'round reminiscing
and many tears we cried.

But it really turned out rather well...
we still can go and see 'im.
He's stuffed and sitting proudly
in our city's great museum.

Jeremy Todd Underhill
for the inspiration!

By cherryk

© 2008 cherryk (All rights reserved)


Arrive – Dinosaur –Family – Museum– Neighbor – Reflection –
Treason - Scientist –Vivacious - Zoo

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