Carpe Diem!

This was my idea, typical family trip
I really love a great “carpe diem”
Begging hubby and kids, “come let’s go”
Today, the Zoo and Dinosaur museum!

Our oldest treasonously split on arrival
The neighbor came with, for our youngest
A scientist’s son from down the block
Who was always talking about fungus!

His wife is vivaciously built, and very calm
Their son however, a bit hyper was he
I do not always let Johnny bring him along
As the two together, act up excessively.

Deciding that today it would be for the best
I let Johnny bring him without objection
The zoo was great, yet the La Brea Tar Pits
I find my decision needed more reflection.

There was our Johnny and his little friend
Proudly waving as people walked by
Sitting on a Wooly Mammoths’ head
They were both stuck from hinny to thigh!

15 hours and 3 specialists later
Those two were unstuck from the prop
From that day on, for my “carpe diem”
Only I leave home and they stay with pop!

By April Lynne Logue

© 2008 April Lynne Logue (All rights reserved)


Arrive – Dinosaur –Family – Museum– Neighbor – Reflection –
Treason - Scientist –Vivacious - Zoo

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