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My computer
My computer is kind of alive
He has his humors
Those are linked with mine
Works well when I’m well
Is irritating when I’m irritated…

When he eats too much cookies
Gets sick
Sometimes there are some viruses
The make him slow down

He can experience a psychic attack
Where somebody is sending
these needles
Towards him or trough him to me
Not realizing
every ugly or beautiful thought
Is penetrating into my world

He especially reminds me
that in our society of today
People’s thoughts are everywhere
We only have to open a window
And there is no balance
In protecting just your space

My computer is a gift
of communication
With my Mind
With your Mind
With the Mind of human kind!

He is like a Eye of God
Seeing and piping everywhere
A place of movement stillness
Making me finding out amazing things
Like the profundity of all our diversity

Changing some of my ideas
About things I hadn’t thought before
He has tricks to disorientate me…
He is like an ocean
that is constantly full
And immersed in different waters
Of humanity’s life ambiguity

He helps me write tales and poems
About the fantasy of real life
Making my voice be heard
Transforming thoughts into words
Allowing others to hear my heart…
Pushing me to climbing mountains
Making me reach stars

He teaches me
how to utilize the intellect
And then using my Heart
In a fantastic processes
Were both actually blend together
When he listens
And sometimes answers
And induces me to laugh
At the errors and mistakes
Giving me a delete button
“and all is well”
When I wretch
the useless adherences

He kind of obeys my necessity
of learning
Shows me how to take my Mind
Into my Hand
And drop it into an ocean
of imagination
Incarnating philosophers or teachers
People that dare to dream
And meet highly intelligent beings

He permits my madness to fly
The deep feelings
running trough my veins
old and insipid norms and rules
Makes me write Love
in the net universe

He makes me feel kissed
And hear whispers from faraway
In each breathe
he makes me surrender
To the dangerous unrealities
of reality!

My computer
is like a blue green Ocean
Warm, beautiful, clear
Were I can feel the different currents
Pulling around my ankles,
And waters breaking beyond me,
Feeling the pull to swim deeper
And further
toward those waves of Life
The still and yet moving muddy waters

Making me understands the magic
Of the incongruence of Human Soul
Remembering my potential
And all that I can do
to make you smile.

My computer stimulates and inspires
This big curiosity of communicating
In the infinite process of growing
With this unique design
with sacred geometric symbols
That always has been used
Throughout the development
And the history of humanity
My computer is kind of alive!

By wingsareblue

© 2008 wingsareblue (All rights reserved)


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