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Yelling Treason
We arrived at the museum
with family and a neighbor
The children running ahead
vivacious in behavior

What a spectacular sight
walking the huge halls
with eyes glued on creatures
over 8 feet tall...

We headed on to see
what was up ahead
Then the kids ran into
a strangly dressed man
and yelled...
Now what was their reason?

Looking at the reflection
in their eyes
mother knew...
we should of went to
the city zoo

But already the alarms went off
and the halls filled up with
men in uniforms
like the strange man
they saw...
They were security guards
and nothing more

The children then hid their faces
when they saw people running
They then told the guards
what they had studied in history
this week...
Treason against the Government
filled their history books
The uniform the man wore
had confused them...

They wanted to protect the
museum and dinosaurs
from being taken over
by the man who looked
like a mad scientist
Maybe they would
become hero's...

We then felt a need to leave
with silly grins on our faces
not soon to forget
this amusing trip of
we had had this day...

Written by Janet Ford
for the ten word challenge'

By girlsisy

© 2008 girlsisy (All rights reserved)


Arrive – Dinosaur –Family – Museum– Neighbor – Reflection –
Treason - Scientist –Vivacious - Zoo

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