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Gentle Embrace

A complete feeling of gentleness
to simply give you my admiration
upon which you so dearly deserve
my wonderful adoring one

my heart is open
embrace each moment in time
we are given a gift of love
a chance to share my mystery

the one you so desire to hear
enhance my being
bring me the gift of you
the closeness and warmth

your heart contains
such sweet and pure tenderness
you touch me in a most mystifying manner

answer me with a whisper as you caress me
you call out to me from a dream
a lover of love passion is your joy
your love is intense and strong

I am yours you speak to me
into your love with ecstasy
I have come to you my love
moving with pleasure as you so desire

I love your heart my love
your soul and spirit bring peace
quiet and still you remain near me
slowly you move closer to my being

bringing out the happiness we feel
fill my mind with your love
each word each thought each feeling
you give me I keep

my treasure of love growing
your lips on mine tasting sweetness
are love

By Floreann Cawley

© 2008 Floreann Cawley (All rights reserved)


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