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Mile Marker MCCXCI

Rhyme Curee Verse

Mirror's reflection a truth to be told,
lie to a neighbor accepting his gold,
deception's museum of art.
Vivacious spirit in body too old,
persistent feeling of December's cold,
since treason discovered a heart.

Personal problems with family tree,
dinosaur showing new anatomy,
find skeletal bones never known.
Arrive tomorrow without history,
view painted murals love fated to see,
one candle now burning alone.

Capture a moment believing today,
scientist proving life will find a way,
July exists outside the zoo.
Running through shadows with nothing to say,
hiding behind the protection of grey,
both sides of a coin could be true.

By 02L

© 2008 02L (All rights reserved)

The poem above was written for the Form Over Substance Challenge
where we're reviewing Bronze Dragon's and Rain-spirit's Top Ten
poetry forms with their #7 choice:

No. 7



Spenserian Sonnet

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This Poem is part of a Challenge: Ten Word - Anything Goes (challenge has been closed)

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