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Friends In Poetry
I never really thought I could
Write anything that was good
They were just my thoughts
Jotted down with a stick of wood

Then I visited a place
Where I could post my words
Others might understand their meaning
The words would not be lost in space

I found friendship there
Poison with his potions of words
Tom with all his foolery
Starlight with her words of care

Tiny teddy, Heather and so many more
Reading my poems, leaving their thoughts
Touching my heart with friendship and laughter
I realized my words weren't such an eye sore

With a little help from my friends
A new world I did discover
One of joy, love and sometimes sorrow
Where we are all joined by common threads

Our love for writing those words from our heart
Hoping someone else will read them
And help them relate to some event in time
Where they felt alone and not a part

We all need that friendship in our lives
For times when there are tears
Or to share in our laughter
Make sense of our confusion so it all jives

That big hug, or warm welcome
A shoulder to lean on
Here at Starlite we all jot down our thoughts
We put our heart into our very words

We spin our tales and open our hearts
Visiting places we were once afraid to enter
Remember loved ones through our poems
Our writing seems to grow right from the start

All this happens with a little help from my friends

By Viking Butterfly

© 2008 Viking Butterfly (All rights reserved)


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