death before dishonor...

to love is to respect
in a perfect world
secondary is the need
death before dishonor...

to care and show affection
like the abyss, just as deep
torch meant to burn so bright
to warm your golden heart
on the cheek of the night

darkness of silence soon becomes
a daylight, lark's stage to sing
for the tender heart of man
is so hard to beckon its beats
a crimson hue reveals its secret
when my heart sings


nowhere to hide, no place to run
the earth is frozen, numbed
no pain, unfelt is the raw wound
the deaf hears his judgment
the blind sees his last moment

he tried to swim upstream
reach the calm waters of understanding
see your inner self like a vacuum
ne'er shown, you kept for so long

eyes of stone see the struggle
they forever gaze, for you tread
a guilty destructive current
to even dream of a forbidden love


wanting to make amends not to hurt
moment to show not to conceal
when to listen, wait for turn to talk
to kiss, to touch, go out of bounds
wanting too much and crossing the line

to care and show affection endlessly
like the abyss, just as deep
from ashes of the past it came
torch meant to burn so bright
to warm your heart on the cheek
...of the night

to love is to respect, should be earned
to bear the pain is no second guessing
the man, secondary is his needs
character with class to honor dignity
showing respect imbricates


you are owned
apostrophe s is out of the bracket
a man's ego, pride are delicate
they are easily bruised and hurt
these are his possession to show
and to be proud off

to even try to stir the calm water
and cause tiny ripples
is immoral, doing to others
what you dont want
others do unto you

is his yardstick, his guideline
for existence... the only thing he can do
in his own special unique way
is to keep on loving you...


multi challenge

realm of darkness:
phrase-'from ashes of the past it came'

all stars: theme-'perfect world'

challenge phrase- 'when my heart sings'


By XRifles

© 2008 XRifles (All rights reserved)


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