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Dreams and nightmares
And a pillow full of tears,
Another night without sleep
And heart thumping fears.

Creeping shadows exist
With dark illusions of the night,
To fill your imagination up
With faces to fill you with fright.

Creaking of stairs and whispers
The smell in the bed is quite rife,
The bedroom door creaks open
Your voice screams for your life.

As something jumps upon the bed
And tugs at the duvet quite keen,
You pull the duvet over your head
And pray that this is just a dream.

But all you can hear is a growling
In your fear you think it's a bear,
Come to eat you up for his supper
Being eaten up by a grissly that's not fair.

Save me, save me, you keep saying
I'll be good, Oh! I promise I will,
I want to live please save me god
Don't let this bear have me for his evening fill.

With that hot breath filled his ear and licks
Petrified and shaking he scrambled for the door
He caught sight of who this fiend was
It was his faithful border collie Ben for sure LOL

By listener

© 2008 listener (All rights reserved)


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