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A Doctor’s Waiting Room (Fun Poem 40)
Sitting in a Doctor’s waiting room,
is enough to make you feel more ill than what you are.
As I sat patiently waiting for my number to be called,
when Mrs Johnson came in.
She went on to explain,
the threshold of her pain,
and all the times for this and that
she had been under the surgeon’s knife.

Mrs Peabody was the next to sit.
She told everyone she had a dose of chills,
and that she came by to see the Doctor
for a top up on the magic pills.
Next, to arrive was old Jimmy Farnham
with a sauce-bin stuck on his head.
He had been demonstrating to his grandchildren
how he fought off a brigade of Japanese soldiers single-handed.
However, the truth is he was only a cook in the Army catering corps.

Then in came Mrs Hallam a little slimmer than she was before.
She explained that she had had
a tummy tuck and liposuction to make her look thin.
She then proceeded to lift her top
so everyone could see the scar.
Just to make matters worse
Mrs Shrewsbury rushed in,
to declare to one and all
that her water had just broke.
With all the pandemonium going on,
I handed back my ticket
and went straight home.
I’d rather suffer in silence
that in the Doctor’s waiting room.

14 September 2007

By David Harris

© 2008 David Harris (All rights reserved)


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