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Lady Jade - Part One

The horses galloped down the track,
pushed on by the coachman’s whip.
Passenger thrown around in back,
but she kept a stiff upper lip.

Along the forest trail they raced,
being chased by the Black Mask gang.
For some time now, law they’d outpaced,
one day they’d surely hang.

A fallen tree lay ‘cross the track,
the coachman pulled reins and brake.
Preparing now for the attack,
with whip and sword his chance he’d take.

One bandit rode to kill the man,
who’d spoiled their robbing trip .
The coachman had his own fight plan,
he killed that bandit with his whip.

‘Help!’ the coachman heard the scream,
fear in her voice was so intense.
He’d defend her though it may seem,
the solo task would be immense.

Brave coachman leapt down from his seat,
to take on the marauding band.
He knew his end he must now meet,
and prayed for a strong sword hand.

‘Give up!’ the Black Mask leader said,
from so high on his black steed.
‘Don’t be crazy man, use your head,
you’re well outnumbered here indeed.’

Even as he heard Black Mask’s rebuke,
the coachman killed another.
He never stopped for second look,
knowing soon in blood he’d smother.

He’d swipe and parry and he’d thrust,
to save this Lady’s honour.
To death he’d fight his cause was just,
the coachman knew he was a ‘goner’.

‘Please help us!’ Lady Jade still called,
the brave coachman heard the sound.
He was by bandits overhauled,
they left him dying on the ground.

to be continued...

Written for: Behind the Mask
Hosted by: Sirens song
Theme: Chivalry

By Tomfoollery

© 2008 Tomfoollery (All rights reserved)


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