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Baby Girl
My Baby Girl

Today your birth's a joyous entry,
A miracle of love entranced.
Her pain is but a fleeting mem'ry,
One step she took to see you dance.

She's wound around your little finger,
As she holds you within her hands.
Her eyes, enamored, long to linger
'Til hourglass flows free of sand.

Oh, precious child, you're like no others,
Unique in style and charm and grace;
Tis she who holds your life above hers
To comfort you in warm embrace.

A day will come you'll leave unfettered---
The babe she held and nurtured, grown.
No stronger bond exists untethered;
No greater love, than mother's own.

Today, love's born that's like no other---
A bond you cannot understand
Until life's circle finds you mother
And leaves her charmed to be a grand.

By Peggy Paris

© 2008 Peggy Paris (All rights reserved)


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