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Travelling South

Early morning on the freeway.
The bulk of traffic heads north to employment in the city,
while I travel south to visit family and friends.

Too many pit-stops.
Blood pressure medication
so I stop too much.

The road has changed. No longer does it weave
around frightening bends and take forever
between small banana growing townships.

Car needs more fuel.
Disabled? No help given.
So hard, this travel.

Very weary. Should I take a break here in this rest area?
A shady tree affords shelter from blistering sun
but the place is isolated and I feel unsafe.

'Thud, thud,' goes the wheel.
C.V. joint is in trouble.
Will it stand the trip?

Driving now over faintly familiar roads, seeing remembered landmarks,
visualising people from the past who once lived here-abouts.
One with whom I went to school. We were very close
and I went out with her brother. Whatever happened to Jack?

Coffee from my flask.
Delicious latte coffee,
keeps me going on.

The turn-off is in a different place. Just as well I saw that sign
a few kilometers back.There's the bend where Elsie was killed.
I remember. O.K. I've reached the point where I have to ring
Kay for specific directions to her new home.
There she is now, waiting for me.

This friend forever,
always there for me, always.
There she is, smiling.

By cherryk

© 2017 cherryk (All rights reserved)

Written for Form Over Substance (FOS) Weekly
Form. This week's form is the -

Rubaiyat -

A rubaiyat is a form of verse comprised of quatrains (4-line
stanzas) written in iambic meter. The meter can be any you
choose, such as tetrameter, pentameter, etc.

The rhyme scheme for the rubaiyat is -
aaxa bbxb ccxc etc. for each stanza.

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