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~ Mad Cow ~

Excuse me!
Are you looking at me?

Can't you read the sign?
It says 'No Trespassing'

This is private property
and we are a private club...
We are USDA approved
and inspected...

We are a union outfit
and it is members only...

Unless you have four legs and an udder
and this brand on your backside...
You need to be on your way...

Just moooove on down the road!

Sneaking around out here at night...
You think we wouldn't say anything?

Surprised that I speak human?
Who do you think
came up with the slogan
'Got Milk'

Put that down...
No cameras or video equiptment
allowed in this area!

Have you heard of 'Mad Cow'
Well you're looking at it Mister!

Can you see the cows?
Look for the whites of their eyes!
This is silly I know...But I just love the pic!
Curtesy Of Roy Richards

By Marlys

© 2008 Marlys (All rights reserved)


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