Wish With Your Heart
Oh the beauty of a clear night sky
When the stars are twinkling oh so high
Have you ever wondered why
Their beauty shining gives you a sigh

What lies beyond and among them
Is there someone there to grant my wish
Are they listening to my every whim
Getting angry when my wish is foolish

I love to sit and just stare up there
Making wishes upon each star
Hoping they can hear from anywhere
Sometimes I worry they are much too far

Saying my wish over and over
Knowing only I can make it true
Like believing in a four leaf clover
Still never feeling at all blue

There will always be stars
Up high to put our faith and hopes upon
Ultimately the decision is ours
To build our dreams or let them be gone

But without faith, hopes and dreams
Our heart doesn't shine like those stars
There would be no joy in chasing moonbeams
And the darkness just seems to devours

So make your wish upon that star
Hold on to your dreams in your heart
It cetainly makes no difference where you are
Wishing them is truly just the start

By Viking Butterfly

© 2008 Viking Butterfly (All rights reserved)


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