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Finigans Poem

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If I were To Write a Poem
( By Finigan )

Hi, My name is Finigan
I’m a five month old Pup
I know what your thinking
What kind of story will I think up

Well I’m not one to make up stories
I’ll just write what’s on my mind
I’m well fed and cared for
My master’s awful nice and very kind

He takes me out wherever he goes
That is if doggies are allowed
He shows me off and brags
And that makes me feel proud

He teaches me tricks I like to do
But he also makes me work
Each morning I must fetch the paper
A duty I will not shirk

And whenever we have company
I’m expected to entertain
They throw the ball and I retrieve
Over and over again

I like it best when we go to the lake
And I’m allowed to go for a swim
I splash and play and I’d stay all day
But I need to go home for din din

All in all I have a very good life
I do all the things puppies like to do
I wish you would come visit me
I’d really like to meet you

By saintal

© 2008 saintal (All rights reserved)


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