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Memories linger on
Alone as I face the dawn
The roses of time wash to the sea
Carrying a part of you and me
My tears fall like oceans now that we must part
As I stand here feeling so torn and broken inside my heart
There now is stillness in the meadow
As my tears fall upon a flower petal
Memories linger on of you and me
As the wilted flowers rush to the sea
I know in time my broken heart will mend along the way
As the sunlight streams upon the pond each day
I look at the water and still see a reflection of a love so true
Oceans of tears fall down upon my face, my heart shattered in two
The tides of time wash upon my feet so warm
Alone now I must find the strength and courage to face lifes storm
Memories of you and I are too painful for me to see
But I know you will never find anyone that loves you as much as I did endlessly
The wind is now bitterly cold blowing upon my face
Up ahead of me, lifes obstacles and hurdles I now must embrace
Heartbroken and alone I feel my tears falling down like rain
Wishing I could ease and comfort my own pain
With pen in hand, I write a letter to you that you will never see
As I watch the tides wash the roses of time for all of eternity
Unsure and afraid now how my life is going to unfold
As tears fall upon the river so beautiful and gold

Written for Broken Love Challenge
Phrase- Memories that Linger On
Host- Mistymaiden (Norma)

Written in rhyme form

By Starlight1

© 2008 Starlight1 (All rights reserved)