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The storm is rolling in, low, ominous, exciting
The thrill of what is coming tingles in my veins
Anticipation mounts within, teasing me with hope
The scent of rain heavy on the air, a promise strong
But the clouds lay thick in the sky, gray but no action
All day, they cling, stubbornly withholding their passion
Then night falls, and still I wait for my storm to come
I can feel it in the air, so close yet so quiet
Then with ferocity only imagined by nature
It unleashes it's wild call upon my world
Thunder crashing violently, shaking the silence
Lightening blazing across the night sky
My window chatters with the force of the wind
Rain thrown in sheets across the thin panes.
Finally, my storm, my beautiful storm has come
Like a release of all my tension exploded on my home.
And as it begins to move on, silence laden in it's wake
I feel the peace of the heavy storm that's washed my soul clean.

By shadowsinflames

© 2008 shadowsinflames (All rights reserved)


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