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Love crept through the window
Onto the pillow of my dreams,
A love that showed me
With outstretched arms it seems.

Voices and faces in the night
Some of present and of past,
Some that brought me fear
Making me want to move quite fast.

And then I saw a glowing light
That really made me smile,
It was friend a face that I knew well
And they made me happy for a while.

Places and times flashed through my dream
Where love didn't exist at all,
That brought sadness over me
I wondered why they had come to call.

Were they looking for forgiveness?
My subconscious fought this theme,
Why after all this time did I feel guilty?
Because there was no childhood love in this dream.

There was no cuddle there was no hug
In my dream the tears flowed quite free,
My dream of love was fading fast
This little child had his arms outstetched to me.

I picked him up and held him tight
I kissed him and told him this was love,
And never to be afraid again in his life
Because love was blessed on him to give
To others, as a gift from the lord god above.

By listener

© 2008 listener (All rights reserved)


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