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Can you hear the world cry?
All these lies and alibis.
Everyone blaming one another,
Cannot we just look out for each other?

The faith is gone that we once had,
Those who do not believe want to make others sad.
Just because they do not think God is real,
They want to cause hurt for others to feel.

What happened to just being good?
Believing in something together, we stood.
Everyone has a right to believe their own way.
If you do not want to pray, then just look away.

Our country was built on our beliefs.
Religions held us together and gave us relief.
Now look at us as we fight amongst ourselves,
They packed religion away on some shelves.

Ever since they started to take our rights away,
We have watched in silence as our world decays.
We have to take a stand in what we believe,
Until then this pain cannot relieve.

Listen to me when I say,
I am not trying to make you believe my way.
Just have a little faith even if it is just in you,
Respect others and how they believe too.

Thank you for reading my poem and I hope you enjoyed it.

Just a little something I wrote from the heart. My Aunt has been sending me a lot of emails about what is happening to faith in this world and what will happen in the future without faith.

By Bella Russell

© 2008 Bella Russell (All rights reserved)


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