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My Sun
An ocean dreamy wave
Lingering into foam
Will be forever
All my treasure for you
Yield with care
Sculptures of dreams

In love with people, I have wind
No other mind choice is right

Serene or exited
Having no masks to wear
As inexplicable as it may sound
Daring to be different
Offers me the respect
Wherever I go in the tracks of life
Seeking for knowledge or love

Conscientious of others rights
Overcoming all fears
No claws, no clutches, no defenses
Swimming along all rivers
Untamed, unlabelled, wearing no target
Meandering trough others lands
Exotic, they think and say
Disconcerted, but not with hate

Believing that behind each mask
You can find someone nice

Trusting, hopping, painting everywhere
Human kind intelligence in peace
Exchanging ideas develop, evolve

Sincerely saying what I have to say
Urged by the necessity of loving
Nothing can take my dreams away my sun will always be ready consume and digest
............all shadows and doubts!

Come Follow the Dream:
'Always in shadows consumed by the sun' – with 02l (Timothy)

By wingsareblue

© 2008 wingsareblue (All rights reserved)


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