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A knowing, vague memory of some distant time and place,
Perhaps a gentle trade wind passing by my face.
Did you share the skies with me aloft where eagles fly?
Were you the drop of quicksilver erupting slowly from my eye?

I can but wonder where we met in some life long since gone,
were you caressing sunbeams that kissed my eyes at dawn?
Have I shared with you the ardour of passions wildest dreams?
Are you the strength and courage that has always plied my seams?

Have we rollicked in the breakers as dolphins hard at play?
Are you the breeze that touched my cheeks pronouncing close of day?
Perhaps you are a kindred soul, a spirit proud and free,
one that in another time melded close to me.

I know that I have known you since time itself began,
though memory eludes me with her silent subtle plan.
No cause to know where this began because I can depend,
Haunting recall will ensure my daydreams never have an end.

July 29th 2008

By Munyinga

© 2008 Munyinga (All rights reserved)


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