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Sweet or Sour
This is about my old cat Tootsie,
The parts in quotation marks are Tootsie's perspective, the other parts are from my perspective. Tootsie's lines are also green, mine are purple.

The dear gray kitten
Was terribly scared
She shook like a leaf
In the warm summer air

'I wasn't in fear
The girl was a pawn
I wanted a home
I was running a con'

She purred to the touch
And was sweet as could be
It was then I decided
She'd come home with me

'Well I must have been good
Cause it worked pretty great
A fake purr here and there
And I'm already named'

Tootsie I called her
To fit her dear nature
A cute little name
For a cute little creature

'She gave me a name
That was hairball inducing
It came with a rep
That I'd likely be losing'

But when we got home
She showed her true self
Growling and scratching
And giving me hell

'I sure did suprise her
With sharp little teeth
When I showed her the other
More real side of me'

Though she may have been fiesty
My mind didn't change
She was my little baby
I'd love just the same

'She wasn't ALL bad
I guess I'll admit
So maybe I loved her
But only a bit'

By UnknownAngel

© 2008 UnknownAngel (All rights reserved)


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