A new home
Being a puppy I have fond memories I will never forget
Was the day my owners adopted me from the vet
I was the cutest one that was in the cage
My owners turned to the vet and asked my age
The vet said they can play with me for awhile
As a puppy I must have done something right because I sure made them smile
They decided to adopt me, so they filled out the papers and wanted to take me home and asked if I was ready
Being a puppy I jumped up and down, and that is when they decided to call me Teddy
With it being summer the first few days as a puppy I loved lazying around under the trees
My owners bought me a flea collar so I wouldn't get any fleas
So now at night I curl up with them at the bottom of the bed
I sure love when they comb my fur and give me a pat on the head
Now that I have a new home I like just lounging under the sunny skies
Sometimes just enjoying in their garden the colorful butterflies
So as a puppy when I was adopted that is my best and fond memory
For I have loving and caring owners that always care and love me
So now being a puppy if you don't mind I am going to lounge around under the trees
Maybe I will just sit under a shady tree and get some zzzzzzzzzzz's (yawn)

Written for Jesstay's Pet Corner Challenge- Pets Fond Memories
Theme- Pets Fond Memories

By Starlight1

© 2008 Starlight1 (All rights reserved)


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