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Roses To Heaven For You Mom
Dedicated In Memory To My Beautiful Mother On Her Birthday August 6th
With All My Love

Mama, Happy Birthday
Sending you roses of every color
for your Birthday. Tossing them up in the air
making a wish they reach Heaven
Where your able to catch each one

I'm sending them to you with all my love
Clutching them to me
Kissing each rose whispering
I love you, Mom

How you loved your roses

I know without a doubt
you have roses planted all over Heaven
Filled with beauty touched by your love.

In my eyes Mom, You're the most beautiful
rose of all. I can't look at a rose
without seeing your beautiful face..Your, loving
smile, lit up my world. I never knew one person
that was so filled with so much love.

Oh, how I miss your hugs, and kisses
Oh , how I miss your love
Happy Birthday Mama
Sending my wishes
Straight from my heart along with your beautiful
roses to Heaven above..

I 'm so thankful God, picked you as my mother
I love you so much. I know you can feel my love
Because I can feel your love around me
and your gentle loving touch..

Happy Birthday Mama.
Sending you lots of kisses,
and hugs. But, most of all my love.

By Betty

© 2008 Betty (All rights reserved)


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