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'Dear Mom In Heaven'-Challenge Poem
Dear Mom up above, in heaven;
this poem comes to you,
with all of my love, I'm sending.
I sure do miss you a lot,
and it seems it's never-ending.

So do the Angels in heaven really have wings,
and do they really fly, as we've been told.
I'm sure if they do, you surely have both.
You were a Mother, as good as gold,
and I sure do miss, all of the talking ,
we used to do, too.

I still can't believe you went home, so early,
but I guess God', had a special plan for you.
He probably has you helping to train,
the other new Angels too.
There wasn't much at all, that you couldn't do.

I just wish we would of had more time,
to share together, here on earth.
Our time together just seemed to fly by,
and letting you go, really hurt.
So do you get to sing, with the Angels too, now.
I bet you are one of the leaders, somehow.

I sure do hope, that you are watching over us Mom,
and looking down, now and then, from heaven.
I wave at you, all the time,as I sit and watch the clouds,
slowly, go rolling by.
You always made us kids' so proud.

I hope that you know somehow,
how deeply we miss you, even now.
I hope that we get to join you in heaven some day,
and we can talk and pass the time away.
Just you and me, and the Family,
all together, in one happy place.

Dear Mom, I hope that you are at peace,
and I know that you, are happy.
Sometimes I swear, I see your beautiful face,
in a soft cloud, that's passing by.
Maybe some day, I will know, if I was right.

Written For rainspirits' Challenge Poem-Dear Mom.

By Shirley shaw

© 2008 Shirley shaw (All rights reserved)


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