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To My Darling Mum

Dear Mum.
There is so much to say
You were both Mum and Dad
Each and every day

You worked so hard
Never did you complain
Though tired and weary
Sometimes wracked with pain.

Always a smile on your face
And your words so sweet
Always there with a hug
For all those you should meet.

My dear sweet Mum
We always knew
If we had a problem
We could turn to you.

It broke my heart
To watch you slip away
But I had the privilege
To be with you on your last day

We didn’t need a father
Mum when we had you
You were both rolled into one
We were lucky we knew.

Eleven years gone now
Mum I still miss you so
But I have wonderful memories
Of these I’ll never let go.

Love you Mum.

By Jesstay

© 2008 Jesstay (All rights reserved)


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