So Long

At night when I sleep they return,
Haunting my dreams,of a past I burned.

Nightmares of abuse from when I was small,
It takes a toll on my mind as memories call.

Don't let the demons return while I sleep,
Nightmares and tears I fight as my heart weeps.

It's over with now so please leave me be,
You put my heart and soul through misery.

Go back to hell demons where you belong,
I know I can fight you now,I am strong.

I'm a child no longer and have a will of steal,
I refuse to let you burden me I've broken a seal.

A seal that kept me terrified to even think,
Be gone you demons now back to hell you sink.

Phrase'don't let the demons return'

(Not Entered)

By TinyTeddy

© 2008 TinyTeddy (All rights reserved)


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