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For A Very Special Lady Called Melvina
For Melvina Germain (Eboneee)

As we travel along our many different roads,
we meet people, sometimes face to face and sometimes not.
They influence us through their words,
and change us in someway.
This poem is written for one such person,
a very special person whose name
is none other than Starlight's Eboneee (Melvina Germain).
I’ve often stated that it was through her poetry
that brought me here to Starlight.
On my arrival, I was very confused,
even poor Mel could not read
the mixed signals that I was giving.
However, as the weeks turned into months
her inspiration brought me to my senses,
and after a long absence, I began to write again,
stronger and wiser than before.
However that wasn’t the only thing she gave to me,
though I don’t think she ever realised.
She gave me a greater gift,
which was my faith in God back.
I had lost and was wandering
like a lost and vacant soul.
With the guidance through her writing,
I was soon put back on track, and derailed no more.
She was to give me one more gift,
which I adore her for.
The greatest gift one person can give another,
the gift of friendship.
There is more I would to tell you about her,
but then, this poetic tribute would end up
as a poem without end.
So I am going to end by saying,
Melvina, there are a lot of things
I would never have without you.
You picked me up when I needed it the most.
For that, I will always be in your debt.
Although this poem is not
all that good as it should be.
Please take it anyway
for all the esteem I hold for thee.
God bless you Mel.

18 August 2007

By David Harris

© 2008 David Harris (All rights reserved)


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