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To Kill or Capture?
On the ground, it’s down to you,
the parachute floats gently down.
Choice is yours, what should you do?
Will this man attack your town?

Your duty’s simple, when it’s clear,
if he’s a soldier, or air crew.
As his profile’s getting near,
you should know, just what to do.

Clues are there, for you to see,
with your weapon aiming steady.
His death or capture, you’ll decree,
to make that choice, are you ready?

The parachutist’s had to ‘bail’,
‘cause his plane was damaged badly.
Fly back to base, he may well fail,
choose to ‘eject’, he had to sadly.

A bombing run, was his mission,
and what he’s trained to fly planes for.
Then if shot down, his new position,
is as a Prisoner of War.

He’ll no doubt, have a weapon,
strapped upon his person.
In your country, soon he’s steppin’,
and no more bombs, is he dispersin’.

A paratrooper’s not the same,
he’s a battle-hardened man.
His war’s a very different game,
this guy will shoot you if he can.

This guy’s plane, will keep on flying,
he’s one of many, all well-armed.
You won’t see these men crying,
they’re half-expecting to be harmed.

If they land, with guns they’ll bristle,
and their ‘chutes’, they’ll roll up quick.
You might just detect a whistle,
not if their landing drills are slick.

Once landed they’re for fighting,
at first defensive in their station.
Then once happy with their siting,
they’ll move in patrol formation.

If your choice is not yet clear,
I’ll tell you since you’ve waited.
Air crew land, and midst some fear,
hope escape can be created.

Paratroops are trained to jump,
from planes before they fight.
So unless you want a thump,
make your decision right.

In each case, you’re duty bound,
try to capture, not to kill.
Unless as they hit the ground,
it's your blood they try to spill...

In this convention choices ride,
soldiers know how to employ it.
For you this is a simple guide,
so I hope you did enjoy it.

Written for: Catch the Soaring Star
Host: Doc_Dyr
Phrase: Float(s), (ed), (ing) gently

By Tomfoollery

© 2008 Tomfoollery (All rights reserved)


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