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Our Essence
So often we seem to love
Someone who just can't love back
Are we to assume it is hopeless
Leaving our heart empty yet full of ache

If but in one lifetime
We are lucky enough to share
The experience of love with another
Not leaving our heart bare

Would we be so shy the next time
Allowing fear of hurt to interfere
Afraid to share the closeness of each other
Worried of shedding that lonely tear

So often we buy a lottery ticket
In hopes of the joy we might win
Taking a chance for all the dreams
Would taking a chance on love be such a sin

Love surrounds us everywhere
If only we could see it truly does not hide
It is in the sunrise in the morning light
Evening where the moon does abide

A child's smile at a butterfly
Neighbors giving each other a hand
Kind words spoken to a stranger
The wonders all across the land

Don't look for what is in the shadow
Open your eyes to the world before you
Love is not in the magicians hand
You will clearly see it upon the morning dew

It will engulf you and warm you
No magic wand will change it's true color
Don't try to change it's reflection
For surely it will wilt like a cut flower

Embrace it, grow with it inside you
Don't shy away from it's indifference
To fear love is to fear life itself
Life being our very essence

By Viking Butterfly

© 2008 Viking Butterfly (All rights reserved)


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